Friday, February 27

'Different Is In': Seyi Shay Fires Back At Those Who Don't Like Her New 'Grey' Look

Seyi Shay has subtly hit back at those who criticized her new grey look.. While many felt it didn't suit her,she is sticking to the opinion of those who liked it..
"The gr8st thing about this hair is that it goes too well with the next 3 characters of my next 3 music video Features and my single #waitforit Thanks 4 approving the hair ya'll. My REAL peoples opinions count. Finally I can be myself! Because "Different" is in! Don't be afraid to be different! I'd rather be hated for being me than be hated for someone I'm not'  #middlefingertotheworld (Mushroom said so) That's y he's my nikka!!

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