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Strange: Raw Gold, Coins And Wed­ding Ring Found In Goat Slaughtered For Burial In Ekiti

A strange development has oc­curred in Ilawe-Ekiti, Ekiti South-West Local Government Area of Ekiti State. Residents told Daily Sun that on February 7, 2015, in Oke-Ibedo area of the town, some people who had slaughtered a goat for a burial were shocked to find some pieces of raw gold, coins, keys, padlocks and wed­ding ring among others inside the goat after cutting its belly.

The strange happening stirred up confu­sion and controversy as those who claimed they saw it happened, insisted it was true, while cynics wondered how the claim could be true. They were nevertheless enthralled by a daunting evidence of blood stained pieces of raw gold presented by the eyewit­nesses.

According to residents, many of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, the development disrupted the ceremony, as guests for whom the goat was slaughtered went back to their homes in fear and embarrassment. The goat owned by a yet-to-be identified old woman who had given it out to a friend. ­

The woman whom the goat was given, it was gathered, had reared it for several years after which it did not reproduce. She, howev­er, got tired of rearing the goat and sold it to the people who needed it for the ceremony.

A resident of Ilawe, simply identified as Amina Ibeji said: "Yes, it is true that a strange goat had some pieces of raw gold in its belly after it was slaughtered in this town. The incident happened last week. The people who found this out wanted to use the goat as supplementary meat for their ceremony, but they were both embarrassed and shocked to find the glittering objects which they later described as pieces of raw gold inside the animal."

Another resident, Yomi Adeayo, who works in a beer parlour said: "It is true that people found some strange objects in a goat that was slaughtered for a ceremony. It happened in Oke-Ibedo area of this town. The incident attracted a large crowd because evil news spreads faster. The strange objects were later identified as pieces of raw gold.

"I didn't witness it, but I have the pictures of the objects on my phone. I had taken it from a friend who took the photographs at the scene. It was gathered later that the people who witnessed it took the objects and the goat to the king's palace. Since then, the matter had been laid to rest."

Daily Sun was told by stern looking security men that Oba Adebanji Ajibade Alabi that the monarch was not around. A palace worker who refused to reveal his identity said: "No such thing happened in this town." He immediately walked away.

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