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Friday, October 13

Shocking Images From The Aftermath Of California's Wildfires

Hundreds of people are still missing in massive wildfires which have swept through California killing at least 29 people and damaging thousands of homes, businesses and other buildings.

Ash that resembles snow covers streets and houses in Northern California in overhead images that make clear the devastating destruction caused by wildfires that have been ripping through the area since Sunday night- burning through more than 170,000 acres of land.

Photos taken on Wednesday show the huge plumes of smoke rising from communities ravaged by the fires across California, which have killed 23 people so far in the north and left nearly 300 unaccounted for as an additional 20,000 across the state have been told to evacuate their homes.

Three days after the fires began firefighters were still unable to gain control of the blazes which have left behind apocalyptic scenes, entire neighborhoods reduced to ash, 3,500 homes and businesses completely destroyed, and some of the worst air pollution the area has ever seen.

Firefighters started to contain the blazes earlier in the week before gusts of 20 to 40mph winds and extremely dry conditions joined forces on Wednesday, threatening to spread the flames even further.

Among the tens of thousands of properties that have been damaged are Napa's wineries, causing wine to flow life a river under smoldered debris after escaping charred barrels.

Officials say that 22 fires spanning more than 300 square miles an area equivalent to the size of New York City and still raging

Satellite imaging shows the huge devastation caused by the wildfires in northern California.

This infrared imaging shows damage in brown, and healthy devastation in red.

A wildfire moves closer to North Tustin homes along the 261 freeway in Tustin, California, October, 2017.

A neighborhood before and during the fire

Prisoners(Due to low manpower) from the McCain inmate crew from San Diego, California clear brush from a road on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 in Calistoga, California.

Firefighters gather for meeting in the Fountain Grove.

A hill totally consumed

Boiling river of wine flows underneath smoldering debris at the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California on Tuesday

Burned wine barrels are seen at a destroyed Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California, on Tuesday.

A rack of burned bottles of wine are seen at the Signorello Estate winery in Napa, California, after wildfires hit the region this week.

A firefighter watches smoke billowing from a blaze in Sonoma County, California.


Destroyed cars

Before and after...

A DC-10 aircraft drops flame retardant chemicals in order to try an contain the spread of the fire near the city of Orange.

Map shows the ares in California that are experiencing active wildfires


Two women hug as they watch houses burn in Santa Rosa, California.

Destroyed homes

The destruction is massive.


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