Thursday, September 28

Usher Accuser: Judge Shuts Down Her Efforts To Control His Finances

Things are happening in America o, lol. Because I slept with you? Something i can swear you enjoyed? Lmao... So now you want to control my money because we had sex? Something i bet you enjoyed more because I am a celebrity? Lmaooo...

One of Usher's accusers has to keep her nose out of his bank accounts! DUH!! Laura Helm wanted the courts in Georgia to block Usher from hiding assets to make sure she could collect if she wins her $20 million lawsuit - but the judge shut her down. GHEN GHEN

In the docs, the judge said Helm has no right to say a peep about Usher's finances because he doesn't
owe her anything yet AND EVEN FOREVER.

Further, Helm failed to present any legal precedent for the judge to block Usher at this stage, according to the documents already viewed.

So far, Usher's Atlanta counsel, Steve Sadow is WORKING. Before you say he infected her with Herpes... yes, it's a wrong move, but it all still boils down to look before you leap, and if this has happened, it doesn't mean the poor dude should be stripped!

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