Tuesday, September 26

Shame On You, Bleep You, Bring Your Coffin: All The Things Psquare Told Each Other in the fight

The viral video of the Okoye brother’s arguing heatedly in Peter‘s lawyer’s office has left fans shocked at the anger and hatred that seemed to overwhelm the twins and their brother Jude.

The video opens with Jude saying ‘Carry your coffin come!’ Peter who was recording with a phone telling Paul to repeat what he just said. Paul then goes on to say to his face, ‘Shame on you. Peter, Paul says shame on you!’

In a flash, tempers had flared and Jude and come around the table to beat the shouting Peter.

Bleep you, Bleep you!, he screams as other people in the room hold them off from going at each other.

Fans have expressed their disappointment at the ‘show of shame’.

Paul on his part, has taken the fight a step further and mocked his brother ‘accusing him of releasing the almighty video’ which exposed his brothers.

The three brothers have decided to keep mum in the on going saga and have ignored all phone calls and text messages put accross to them by NET.

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