Saturday, August 19

'Someone's Knocking At The Door': Last Text Of Schoolgirl To Mum Before Murder At Home

A 12-year-old girl was brutally murdered while home alone after texting her mother that someone was knocking on the door.

Yhoana Arteaga was off school having suffered a leg injury in a skating accident which had left her using crutches.

She was last seen alive by her mother who had lunch with her at about 12.30pm on Thursday in
Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Her last contact with family was the text to her mother at around 5.30pm. When Yhoana's mother returned at 6.45pm with two of her siblings she was found murdered in their trailer home.

Police would not elaborate on whether she had been sexually assaulted or the cause of death.

But Lieutenant William Mackall said he believed Yhoana did know her killer. There was no sign of forced entry.

Sgt. David Kautzman said: "I've never seen anything this brutal in my entire career. "The police department is coming together like no case I've ever seen in my career."

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