Thursday, August 17

Actress Anita Joseph's Curvy Photo Has Got Fans Talking...

Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph is definitely one of the well endowed Actresses in game today.

Fully armed with huge front, killer curves and a dangerous backside, she decided to destroy her Instagram fans with the picture below which has prevented them from keeping shut.

She posted the picture alongside the quote below making some of her fans to imply that she was referring to a break up with her friend and Actress, Angela Okorie. Well, since we are not sure about
that, it’s best we focus on the picture rather than what we are not certain about. Abi, wetin you think?

Sometimes we have to look
For the wake up in the breakup.
Loosing someone who doesn’t respect or appreciate you is actually a gain,
not a loss.
Don’t stress what could have been,
because if it should have been,
it would have been kpichicom

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