Thursday, August 17

Black Fox News host receives death threats for criticizing President Trump over his Charlottesville remarks

Fox News host Eboni K Williams has received death threats by email after criticizing Donald Trump's Charlottesville remarks on Monday.
The New York Times reports that the black American host received at least 150 “menacing messages” from viewers who disliked her rant against President Trump for blaming both white supremacists and anti-fascist protesters for the violent unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left
one protester dead and others injured.


In her Fox News Specialists commentary, Williams described Trump's statement as “cowardly and dangerous.”
'Mr. President, your initial comments were cowardly and dangerous, and indeed warranted a second statement,' Williams said on Monday.
According to her, she's probably unsure if Trump's vision of 'making America great again' included black, Hispanic or LGBT people, but she had decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
'Well I can no longer do that, Mr. President,' she said. 'No more benefit, or doubt.'
And ever since, she has received over a hundred of email and has been highly criticized by angry Trump supporters for her rants. But the Fox management has wasted no much time and has hired securities to follow her to work, Variety reported.

Watch her rants below..


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