Wednesday, July 26

Wife Backed By Mob Smashes Husband's Truck To Get At Mistress - Who's Also Her COUSIN

A scorned wife was filmed trying every way she could to break into her husband's' truck to get at his mistress - who is also her cousin.

Footage shows the woman backed by an angry mob who had blockaded the vehicle grappling with the man when police eventually turned up to free the couple.

A huge crowd can be seen surrounding the vehicle and stopping it from being able to drive out of the busy public square in the centre of Lima, Peru. They appear to be encouraging and backing the
woman as she hits the man and rips his shirt.

The furious woman then repeatedly demands that the man opens the doors of the truck so she can face his alleged mistress.

He refuses to open the doors and instead tries to calm her down as she gets increasingly angry.

The mob can be seen laughing and shouting as the woman repeatedly tries the door handles.

She then starts hitting and kicking the car to reach her who is thought to be her cousin inside.

Some onlookers allegedly then hand the woman items to smash the vehicle’s windows and a couple even try to do the job for her, though without success.

She eventually smashes the glass as police arrived.

The officers, in body armour and helmets, can be seen forcibly separating the bizarre love triangle. But the footage didn't show if any arrest was made.

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