Friday, July 28

Jeremy Meeks' Estranged Wife Melissa Pours Her Heart Out On instagram

She has largely maintained a dignified silence as her estranged husband of eight years sets up home with another woman.

But yesterday Melissa Meeks gave a rare insight into her life post-Jeremy Meeks, as she took to Instagram in a lengthy tirade.

The mother-of-three, 38, who shares a seven-year-old son with the 33-year-old felon turned model, let rip just days after he continued to parade his romance with British Topshop heiress Chloe Green,

Taking to Instagram, the nurse- who stayed with Jeremy throughout his prison stint, shared a snapchot which read: 'I fed mouths that talked sh** about me. I wiped tears from the same people that caused mine. Picked up people that tried to knock me down. Did favours for those who couldn't do sh** for me. Been there for the ones that left me. Crazy? Maybe.'

Proving she was taking the high road, the brave beauty concluded: 'But I don't lose myself in the hatred of others. I continue to be me because I can't change who I am. Life ain't easy but through the bullsh** I remain solid. Because I know god got big plans for me.'

'Saw this and felt how REAL it was, so I wanted to share it... #haveablessedday #remember #keepitsolid', she captioned the picture.

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