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20-Year Old Girls Almost Killed Online Date Once He Showed Up & They Saw He Was A CRIPPLE

Two women who stripped and tortured a disabled man in a 'gratuitous' attack lasting 24 hours have been jailed.

Tanisha Williams and Paige Springer, both aged just 20, dunked the man in a cold bath, strangled him with a rope and electrical cord and threatened him with an electric drill.

Jailing both for two years and four months a judge said it had been "a sickening case."

The 27-year-old victim, who has learning difficulties and lives in supported housing, had met
Williams via an online dating site and believed they were in a relationship.

She invited him to her flat in Battersea, London, but as soon as he entered, closed the door and said:

"You're going to die today"

She then called friend Spring, a mum-of-two, who came round to join in the sustained assault in December 2015.

It was only stopped when an unexpected visitor arrived and saw the bloodied victim inside, despite the women's attempts to block his view.

He dialled 999.

"I cannot think of any more appropriate words than gratuitous degradation," said Judge Timothy Lamb QQ.

"Twenty-four hours subjecting him to fear and violence."
Prosecutor Mr. Gavin Pottinger told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court: "[The victim] is particularly vulnerable and this was a sustained assault.

"He thought Miss Williams was in a relationship with him, but when he arrived she locked the door behind him and said: 'You're going to die today.'

"He could hear Miss Williams on the phone to friends saying she was going to kill someone and he
was hit by her with a pole that caused bleeding and loss of consciousness.

"Further threats were made and he was dragged from the lounge to the bathroom by Miss Williams, stripped and made to get into the bath and remained there until he felt cold.

"His head was pushed under the water and an electric drill was also taken into the bathroom and brandished by Miss Williams, who kept turning it on and off, revving it.

"He was throttled with the electrical cord of some hair straightener's by Miss Williams."

The victim responded by desperately thumping the wall in an attempt to raise the alarm.
Springer threatened him with a knife, telling him: "If you move you're going to get stabbed."

Both women repeatedly punched, kicked and slapped the man, and Springer tried to hit him on the head with a hammer saying: "I want to kill him, I want to hit him."

She did not make a clean contact, but the blow left a bump and the victim was also struck in the eye with a bottle after Williams said: "You'd better hit him with a bottle, knock him out."

He suffered a lacerated forearm, a cut to his left eye, plus cuts, scrapes and bruising to other parts of his body.

His blood was found on Williams' shoes and on Springer's clothing.

Both pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

The court heard the vulnerable victim still has nightmares about the incident and is nervous about leaving his home.

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