Friday, May 12

US company blocks Beyonce from trade marking her daughter, Blue Ivy's name

Read the TMZ report below...

Beyonce has no right to trademark her daughter's name for a bunch of different products ... according to a company that already has the name. Blue Ivy, the company, filed docs to block Bey's company from getting the trademark. TMZ broke the story ...
Blue Ivy's mom filed her application earlier this year to own the name "Blue Ivy Carter" for a slew of products -- cosmetics, mobile devices, video games, etc ... But according to the existing company -- which was in biz 3 years before Jay Z and Beyonce's kid was born -- the Carters are trying to pull a fast one.
Blue Ivy Co. points out Jay is on record as saying they have NO intention of actually selling any products ... they're just trying to stop others from doing it. This is the second time the company -- an event planning firm, btw -- has tried to block Beyonce ... who initially tried to get the trademark without "Carter." Adding the last name hasn't helped.

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