Friday, May 19

Scared Amber Rose Takes Bodyguard Out A Day After Man Broke Into Her House

Amber Rose decided to take a body guard with her when she left her house yesterday. It happened just one day after an intruder broke into her house and stayed for four hours while she slept upstairs.

The 33-year-old model took her son, Sebastian, to Universal Studios along with an assistant and bodyguard for a day of fun, presumably trying to forget the drama from the day before.

Amber had just returned to her Los Angeles home on Tuesday after a trip to Miami when she made
the shocking discovery, according to TMZ.

Sources say the model was fast asleep when the man broke into her home early Wednesday morning by breaking a kitchen window.

According to the site, Amber, her mom, son, assistant and bodyguards were all in the house asleep and nobody heard the intruder.

In fact, it wasn't until the afternoon that Amber saw the broken window in the kitchen and checked the surveillance footage.

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