Friday, May 19

Oh Dear! Another Domestic Violence And This One Is On VIDEO

Here’s how the mail was sent in. Oga o… This one is passing normal eyes o. God should please rise before the devil destroys the institution called marriage. The video after the cut. Mr Peters wehdone o, judges will be very happy to see this in court.

The mail and the video below...

Hello Ladun,
I was sent this video by brother of the victim. 
Mrs Onyi Ezeh was beaten to stupor by her devilish husband - Peter Ezeh. We want justice. #SayNOtoDomesticVIolence #SayNOtoWifeBattery
This is the height of wickedness and we demand justice for Onyiyechi Ezeh.
Please use your platform to join us in the fight against Domestic Violence.

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