Wednesday, April 5

Laura Ikeji wants you to know she doesnt live in Linda Ikeji's Mansion anymore

Following her bye bye Instagram post a couple of hours back, rumors began to circulate about the fashion blogger's living situation with several blogs claiming she still stays at sister, Linda's Banana Island mansion, with husband Kanu.

Read her Bye Bye Instagram post below:

Unfortunately I'll be going off instagram for now. Will keep having fun and living happy but it won't be on camera anymore. Someone else would be posting stuff about @lauraikejigang store on here sometimes.
Appreciate all the love but hey.... phase2 is calling! I'm out yall✌✌✌😍😍😍

She came back onto the social media platforma an houra go saying she was just joking and slamming her living situation claims as well.
Her posts read thus:
I said for NOW. That could mean for about 5mins. 😂😂 Hey, I ain't going no wia!!!! 😊😊😊, Why would I wanna go off ig. Thats like saying bye to my means of livelihood, business etc. Hehe see you at @lauraikejigang today.
Another read:
Apparently some blogs took my leaving instagram gist seriously jisox!! 😂😂😂 Now its hard to play here. My darlings, if you follow on ig you would know i dont take life too seriously. No time for that. And No I dont live in my sister's house. This is my apartment right here. N this ignorant blogger was so sure I lived on banana because i dont post my house online??? Sad but hey.... adara`

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