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Coca-Cola abandons staff who was amputated after Injury (Photos)

Ugochukwu Okeomo and his laywer, Kingsley Ughe
An alarm has been raised as Coca-Cola company is being accused of abandoning its staff who sustained an industrial injury that led to his amputation in the course of his duty.
A lawyer Kingsley Ughe shared an update on what happened to the young man identified as Ugochukwu Okoeomo who is now depending on a good Samaritan for survival.
Read what the lawyer shared below;
He is 27, tall, athletically built. A six footer of a sort, with a face that is pleasant to the eyes. His name is Ugochukwu Okoeomo
He was employed by Coca Cola Nigeria Limited (Nigerian Bottling Company Limited) as a Truck Loading Assistant. He worked and served the company dutifully for years without blemish. He was subsequently promoted and confirmed as a staff of Coca Cola Nigeria Limited and transfered to the Oyingbo office of Coca Cola.
His scope of duties included loading , ensuring the loading of coca cola trucks for distributions, and overseeing the movement and operational tracking of all the trucks loading coca cola products at the Oyingbo office of the company.
On this fateful day, he was assigned to work with one Christopher Oyemofu, staff of Coca Cola who is the driver of Truck No; XM 151LND.
As is the custom in his job description, he was directing the coca cola truck fully loaded with drinks within the premises of the Oyingbo office of the company when suddenly the truck zigged zagged and ran backward in a fatal case of break failure.
He made to avoid being crushed to death by the truck. He escaped but one of his legs was trapped under the truck with the heavy tyres screeching and tearing at his skin and his bones crushed and mangled.
He lost consciousness in the ensuing unearthly pain. He was rushed to Lagoon Hospital, Apapa, Lagos by the management of Coca Cola Nigeria Limited. Doctors verdict was unambiguous and definitive; He must be amputated.
So Ugochukwu lost his leg and became permanently disabled. He was given artificial rubber legs and abandoned in the hospital. His medication ; strong anti biotics, heavy pain relief drugs were too expensive for poor Ugochukwu.
He subsequently left the hospital without fully recovering from the pains of the whole ordeal. Jobless without a help, he was thrown out of his rented apartment by his landlord. He now lives in a makeshift store where he helps a good Samaritan to sell and get his food for the day.
What is even more remarkable is the fact that Ugochukwu actually came to JLAA to donate to the course of justice. At the office, we were curious and very unwilling to accept donation from one needing donation.
We contacted the pastor of the church where he worships. The pastor confirmed the story and told us that even in that state and his travails, Ugochukwu is sold out to charity.
He Steps forward to pay tithes every Sunday from the stipends he earns from his efforts and visits motherless babies home around Ikorodu with biscuits and indomie every Sunday. Givers they say never lack. Ugochukwu will not be allowed by JLAA to walk the unadorned high road of justice alone.
JLAA is firmly determined to pursue justice for Ugochukwu. We have contacted Coca Cola Nigeria Limited. We have informed them of our resolute intentions and readiness to approach the court for justice to assert Ugochukwu's legal rights.
God willing, we shall institute an action within the week and neither funds nor faintness of spirit shall weaken our resolve in this matter. Join us today to seek justice for Ugochukwu.

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