Wednesday, April 5

How a JSS2 student died in Imo state while trying to pluck Mango

JSS2 student falls from a mango tree
We have received a sad news of a young boy who fell from a Mango Tree yesterday while trying to pluck an unripe mango.

The boy was a JSS2 student of Umuerim Secondary school at Nekede… Owerri imo state before his unfortunate demise. Our source revealed to us that when the sad incident happened, the teachers in the school were no where to be found.. not until about 30 minutes after his fall they found him lying on the groud.
He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Our source further revealed that the biological parent of the boy are late.

Another source also confirmed the story on Instagram, she shared as thus:
“Oh my God! This happened before me.A JSS2 STUDENT (name withheld) of UMUERIM SECONDARY SCHOOL OWERRI, IMO STATE died yesterday(03/04/2017) around 3:00pm after he fell from a mango tree while trying to pluck the unripe fruits!..
The boy fell once and his seniors chased him, after they left, he decided to continue where he stopped which led to his terrible death thereby falling for the second time with his head.
According to Some individuals, they said’The boy don’t have parents, he is only living with his Uncle, therefore, he is the only surviving person in their family… MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE…#Amen#…”

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