Tuesday, March 14

You are a smart, super intelligent hottie! Daniel Ademinokan shades ex-wife, gushes over new wife, Stella Damasus

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Daniel Ademinokan has finally revealed why he married Stella Damasus. 
He revealed this while responding to a post she put up earlier today. 
He called her smart and super intelligent and we can't help but wonder if he is throwing shades at his ex-wife, Doris Simeon.
  She wrote "The enemy will try to use people to destroy the very thing you hold dear. It could be your reputation, friendship, relationship, business, ministry, etc. whatever he throws at you, just know that Jesus already defeated him. He defeated the grave. He already won the battle for you. He knew what would come and how it would affect you and that's why he came and died for you and I, so that we can have victory over the enemy. Whenever something great is coming your way, you will notice that the enemy will start to throw fiery darts at you. Trust and believe that it will never penetrate nor destroy you. I call on the name of Jesus and I pray for each and every one of you. May God protect your family, your business, your relationship, your friendship and every thing that you value. Stand strong and no matter what the enemy tries to do to you, rise up and keep moving. God bless you all. #prayer #gospel #faith #church #believer #ChristisKing #StellaDamasus #ATL #usa #anafricangirlabroad #soldierinredlipstick #adiva #bosslady"
And he responded thus "And people will still be wondering why I chose to marry you. Who wouldn't want this smart, super intelligent hottie as his wife? Carry go. They can always try to tear down what you hold dearly, but as usual, they will always fail because greater is He that is in you than the forces they rely on.

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