Monday, March 13

So this hapened at a Yoruba wedding party last weekend

Nigerian weddings have taken things to a new dimension. So my aunt just returned from a Yoruba wedding ceremony. The wedding had the perfect venue, classy IVs, colour of the day, asoebi, small chops, souvenirs and enough food.

Only problem was she got there only to realise the bride and groom were absent. You know when the pastor of a church is not available and the church committee live stream the sermon during Sunday service?
That's what happened at the wedding. .
Just that in this case, the bride and the groom who are in the obodo oyibo had previously acted a 3 hour wedding movie in their compound abroad and the video was played on a big screen for their 'fans' during the wedding in Nigeria today. The couple did not even bother to Skype their audience to ask if they are having fun or if the jollof has gone round at their remote wedding. They were simply missing in action. .
There were representatives abi actors who stood in as the bride and groom to imitate the activities going on in the movie. Whoever the actors are, that is how they have married themselves like play like play. .
That's how somebody would waste asoebi, makeup, high heels and cab fare for a wedding only to end up watching wedding film under the hot sun.
They would have kuma played The Wedding Party at the venue tbh.

By NaijaSingleGirl!

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