Tuesday, November 22

I was wealthy before I entered politics, Saraki tells BBC

I was wealthy before I entered politics, Saraki tells BBC

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has told the BBC Hausa service that he acquired 95% of his wealth before he entered politics.

He is currently under investigation by the authorities on allegations of falsely declaring assets when he was governor of Kwara State.

Saraki acknowledged that there was corruption in the country, but said his wealth was a result of coming from a blessed family and hard work.

He said he was confident that he would be cleared of the charges against him and he would continue to serve in public office.
The senator also said he had not evaded tax – an accusation highlighted in the Panama Papers.

His wife, Toyin, also appeared in those documents accused of registering a company offshore to buy a London property.

“Based on legal advice the company was set up because they were acquiring an asset and it was advised at that time and that’s how it was set up to the best of our knowledge.

It was not a company that was set up by ourselves; it was set up by a legal firm and under a legal firm as far as to the best of our knowledge no law was being broken,” Saraki told the London-base broadcast outfit.

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