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Why Nigerian pastors preach about prosperity, miracles - Adefarasin

Why Nigerian pastors preach about prosperity, miracles - Adefarasin

Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the senior pastor of House on the Rock Church has revealed why so many Nigerian pastors seldom talk about righteousness to their members.

Making this assertion during the press briefing to herald this year's THE EXPERIENCE concert on Friday, December 2, the man of God stated that the Nigerian situation has forced many pastors to try to preach hope, prosperity and miracles, hence their total deviation from the message of righteousness.

He argued that there is poverty in the land, therefore, the messages that are likely to appeal to the people are those that will give them the hope out of their status. That is the more reason the men of God tend towards that direction.

According to him, until the message of righteousness is preached across the nation and the people key into same, the people may find it difficult to have their minds targeted towards equity and fairness in the country.

"The message in Nigeria has not been that of righteousness. Poverty may have spurred the preaching of prosperity, miracles, bless me and all of that.

"We have not shaped the country in the right way and until we do that it may be difficult for the people to think about equity," he said.

He also advised Nigerian politicians on what to do so that Nigeria as a nation will be exalted, as he added that voting for change was merely the beginning of the process.

Adefarasin said: "Righteousness (that is, morality, justice, decency, uprightness and honesty) must permeate the bedrock of the Nigerian legislature, judiciary, the executive arms of government and indeed the fourth estate, as this is a pre-requite to Nigeria being exalted.

"We the citizens are the potential change agents that God positioned on purpose in this location, Nigeria, to effect a conscious, deliberate, surgically precise overhaul of our culture."

Speaking also on why he has continued coming to Nigeria for the past ten years for the concert, popular worship minister, Don Moen, noted that he feels at home in Nigeria unlike when he just came into the country.

"The first time I came here, people were all over me saying, 'Ah! That's Don Moen, Oh! Don Moen' but now, when they see me, they simply say, 'Hello Don, welcome' and that's to show that I have now found a home here," the award-winning American stated in Lagos.

Donnie Mcclurkin, Frank Edwards, Smokie Norful, Micah Stampley, Travis Greene, Tope Alabi, Midnight Crew, Tim Godfrey, Onos, Samsong are among the other top gospel musicians who will be ministering to the congregation on Friday night.

Recently, popular American televangelist, Reverend Benny Hinn has hailed Nigerian clergymen for the huge works they have been able to do in the country over the years.

The man of God who has been in the country for the 2016 Jubilee Word Festival, held at the International Gospel Centre, expressed his delight at seeing the churches in the country grow under the tutelage of the various ministers of God in the country.

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