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Inventor Of McDonald’s Big Mac, Michael James Delligatti Dies At 98

Inventor Of McDonald’s Big Mac, Michael James Delligatti Dies At 98

Do you know McDonald’s Big Mac inventor, Michael James Delligatti? Or did you know the history behind your favourite and delicious fast food take out, Hamburger? You are about to find out.

The creator of Big Mac, Micheal ‘Jim’ Delligatti came up with the ideal of adding beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and special sauce, all in one centre slice bun, back in 1967. He invented the famous hamburger, A.K.A, Big Mac at his restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA, with 7 ingredients which gain recognition nationwide due to its elaborate uniqueness.

Inventor Of McDonald’s Big Mac, Michael James Delligatti Dies At 98

Delligatti was a McDonald’s franchisee and the motivation behind his hamburger is to satisfy customers’ desire for bigger sandwiches. It was reported that his invention was almost rejected by McDonald’s, because at the time, the restaurant was happy with its traditional meals – a hamburger, fries and a milkshake – which were selling well. So why go to something else? the restaurant thought.

But McDonald later relented, but while it says it has since sold billions of the sandwiches, it admits Delligatti never received a penny in royalties. 40 years of serving Big Macs at its branches across nations – precisely in more than 100 countries, paid off as McDonald estimated it was selling 550m Big Macs a year.

Delligatti also went on to manage 48 McDonald branches, making him one of the biggest franchisee in the company’s history. BBC reported that in 2007, he opened the Big Mac museum where visitors can take photographs in from of the world’s largest Big Macs.

His son, Micheal Jr. recalls his father has no other inspiration behind using the name Big Mac beside that it [Big Mac] sounds ‘too funny’. Besides being a restaurant franchisee, Jim was a philanthropist who championed many causes and organisations that benefitted children.

He passed away on Monday, November 28 at his home in Pittsburgh and is survived by his wife, two sons, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Quite a celebration of a life well spent.

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