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Shocking!!! Top Police Officer Caught Red-handed Having S*x with Junior Officer's Wife (Photo)

Shocking!!! Top Police Officer Caught Red-handed Having S*x with Junior Officer's Wife (Photo)

Sergeant Amos Mandiwanza was allegedly caught with another officer's wife

A top police officer has been disgraced after he was allegedly caught red-handed cheating with a junior police officer's wife.

A top police officer has allegedly been caught red-handed while having s*x with a junior police officer's wife identified as Medline Makonese (19) in Zimbabwe. He was totally disgraced and handcuffed.

MasvingoMirror reports that the drama took place at a house in Hwiru in Mpandawana on Monday night when Police sergeant was allegedly caught stark n*ked.

The senior cop was caught with Medline Makonese who is a constable and reports to the former in the Cattle Clearing Department.

It was gathered that Sergeant Amos Mandiwanza was trapped and handcuffed by a group of Police officers at a house in Hwiru High Density Suburb and the group sang and toyi-toyed as they frogmarched him to the Police station.

The picture of the officer in handcuff has been viewed many times online.

Speaking about the incident, Constable Brian Chikono who is married to Makonese said that he was not allowed to talk to the Press.

“I leave the matter to God. I can’t talk to you I am not allowed,” said Chikono.

Sources including some cops who allegedly accompanied Chikono to raid the house that was used as a love nest by the two said a gang of about 8 people, most of them cops went to the house after hearing that the accused was with Chikono’s wife.

“When we got to the house we peeped through some openings on the door and saw the two the lying naked on the bed and the woman’s baby sleeping on a place prepared on the floor.

“We then forced the door open,” said one of the sources who declined to be named.

There was a scuffle between Mandiwanza and the group that saw Mandiwanza allegedly assaulting Constable Liberty Kashiri with a fist and injuring him on the nose; and he also allegedly pushed another officer, Rodney Makuro.

“Sergeant Mandiwanza assaulted two police officers Rodney Makuro and Liberty Kashiri in a bid to run away.

Makonese smashed a light bulb in the house to make the place dark so that Mandiwanza could escape,” added the source.

Makonese’s mobile was not reachable. Since he was out numbered, Mandiwanza was handcuffed and taken to the Police station.

Mandiwanza is said to have refuted allegations of adultery and insisted that he had come to collect US$20 he is owed by Makonese. He is also said to have told the group that he was at the house to counsel Makonese since she had marital problems with her husband.

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