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Thursday, April 14

Shocking! Man Dies After Using Potato Concoction to Enlarge His Manhood

Shocking! Man Dies After Using Potato Concoction to Enlarge His Manhood
A married man whose wife ridiculed him each time over the small size of his manhood has dropped dead after desperately trying a potato concoction to enlarge it.

A 49-year-old Jo’burg man has met his death after using a potato concoction he bought during the Easter holidays when he took a trip to Venda to enlarge his manhood.

According to Mzansi news, the man identified as Bernard Mkhize was a family man with 3 kids and had been married for nearly 16 years.
Close sources confirmed that Mr Mkhize passed away after using the enlargement concoction for a fortnight.

It was gathered that Mr. Mkhize had confided in his friends that his wife had always been cracking jokes at his manhood saying it was the tiniest she had ever set her eyes on. He felt bad each time and was desperately looking for a way to enlarge it to cover the shame.

In shame and a  desperate bid to rescue his pride and revive his love life and marriage, Mr Mkhize decided to do something about the size of his manhood. During Easter holidays, it is reported, Mr Mkhize passed through Venda where he was convinced by a vendor at the taxi rank that the ‘magic’ potatoes he was selling could turn around his fortunes for the better in the bedroom.

And indeed the ‘magic potato’ was working, but it is suspected that Mr Mkhize in his haste for instant results threw caution to the wind and took multiple daily overdoses of the ‘potato’ concoction and in just two weeks, his 4-5 had grown over five times bigger in size and was not slowing down!

At first his wife and all his buddies were very impressed, but the glory and joy was short-lived as he started complaining of ‘piercing’ pains in his manhood.

“I blame myself for his death. I never really meant for this to happen, if I had not nagged him about his sausage, he would still be with us today. I still have nightmares about the days leading up to his passing away, his 4-5 would be ‘hard’ all day and night, and then he just collapsed and he was declared dead by the Ambulance Crew” said a tearful Mrs. Mkhize.

According to a medical expert, Mr. Mkhize's death must have been as a result of Cardiogenic shock, a rare condition in which the heart suddenly can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.

Johannesburg metro police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar confirmed that they had received ‘reports’ of the incident but said their hands were tied as this was a private, family, matter and at any rate, no formal report had been placed at their offices.

Superintendent Minnaar then took the opportunity to urge South Africans to desist from using unapproved and uncertified drugs and bush’medicines’.

Meanwhile Mr. Mkhize will be laid to rest this weekend in Soweto.

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