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Oshiomhole Will Land in Jail If I Become Governor - APC Gubernatorial Aspirant

Oshiomhole Will Land in Jail If I Become Governor - APC Gubernatorial Aspirant

Blessing Agbomhere

An aspirant for the September 10 governorship in Edo state on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC)‎, Blessing Agbomhere, has vowed to probe Governor Adams Oshiomole and send him to jail, if elected governor of the state.

An aspirant under the aegis of the ruling party has promised to probe Oshimhole for acts of corruption in the administration of Edo State over the last 8 years.

Agbomhere, a kinsman of Oshiomole, from Fugar, Etsake Central local government area of the state, made the vow on Tuesday in Benin, while addressing ‎on why he decided to contest in the election.

“I am running, not because I am from Afemi, not because I am from Esan, not because I am from Benin, but because I am from Edo state. I am running because I am from the camp of those that have been deprived of leadership for too long, the youth.”

“My government will abolish corruption in Edo state. That is why the programme we have is to ensure that all our past leaders are probed. Whether they like it or not, we will ensure that whatever they have taken from Edo state, whatever they have wasted from‎ Edo state, they will bring back. And I will start from Comrade Adams Oshiomole, the present governor of Edo state.

“We will visit all the projects he has done to ascertain how much he has spent on the projects and if we see that Edo state‎ has been sub charged, we will ensure that such monies will be refunded to the account of Edo state.

“We will also visit the Airport road project. We have been getting petitions from different groups and organisations on that projects, how [the first contractor] abandoned the project and left some money unrefunded to the state. We will go into that issue to ensure that we get into the truth of it and if it is true that he did that, we will ensure that he refund with immediate effect, the money into the account of our state. We will no longer allow our state to be killed by those who put their interest ahead of the state.”

Commenting on genuine patriotism to the state, ‎Agbomhere said, “I tell people I am not a comrade, I am a patriot‎. I don’t know the meaning of comrade. In the Nigerian law, we don’t know anything like comrade. What we have in Nigerian law is patriotism. So we young Nigerians should focus our intellectualism, our capacity and our capability in being patriotic to our state, not in being comrade.”

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