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Hilarious! See the 6 Words Most Nigerians Pronounce Totally Wrong

Hilarious! See the 6 Words Most Nigerians Pronounce Totally Wrong

These are 6 words many Nigerians wrongly pronounced over and over again without knowing it.

If there is one thing Nigerians can do very well, that would be twisting foreign words to fit their own pattern. Listed are some those words.

1. WhatsApp:

Some people have renamed this app to wazzap or even wuzzup and they say it with so much authority as though they are saying the right thing. You wonder whether they have a conscience or not. Send it to me via wazzap you hear them say – like seriously????

2. Google:

There is also google which is unapologetially pronounced as gorgle. They say it with all courage and pride like they made the word.

3. Oil:

It is not uncommon to hear a Nigerian especially Igbos pronounce the world oil as oyel. For some of them, it is an unconscious thing but for some others it is how they know how it is pronounced.

4. WAEC:

This is supposed to be the acronym for West African Examination Council but we have no idea why some Nigerians like to add ‘y’ to some words, as you would hear some people say Wayec.

5. Subtle:

The ‘b’ in subtle is supposed to be silent as well a ‘b’ is in ‘bomb’, but many Nigerians pronounce these words with the ‘b’ obviously included.

6. Asthma:

The word is actually pronounced ‘as-ma’ but some Nigerians with all the guts in the world pronounce the world as Ash-ma.

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