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Woman Exposes Neighbour Who Has Been Allegedly 'Raping' Her Goats (Photos)

Woman Exposes Neighbour Who Has Been Allegedly 'Raping' Her Goats (Photos)

Sharon Cruz-Pecina and one of her goats

A small farm owner has raised alarm about the sexual activities of her neighbour around her goats after several observations.

Sharon Cruz-Pecina is convinced a man is returning to her property to have sex with her three goats and is calling for police to arrest him, Daily Star reports.

There are "numerous" people within a few miles of the suspect's home whose goats have suffered the same fate, she claims. Sharon told local news station WJHG that she got her herd for their milk five years ago because her husband is lactose intolerant, she said, and is not affected by goat's milk.

Woman Exposes Neighbour Who Has Been Allegedly 'Raping' Her Goats (Photos)

But now the couple live in fear of the animal rapist striking again. She claims to have evidence that the goats were raped in the form of broken barbed wire and photographs.

In her desperation, she even used a 'rape kit' to collect DNA from her herd and is currently awaiting results.

"There are numerous people within a mile or two of this guy's home who've had problems with him attacking their goats," she said.

"I have had the officers out here a few times. I didn't call again because I don't think they are taking me seriously."

The alleged offences began when a neighbour spotted and identified a man lingering near Sharon's goats, who were a mile from her home at the time.

"We have been trying to catch him on video but he seems very elusive," she explained.

"He's not normal. He needs help and the law needs to arrest him, and get him the help he needs."

The Washington County Sheriff's Office has confirmed an investigation is underway.

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