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Wednesday, February 24

Omg! Read What Happened to Man Who Was Having S*x With Girlfriend While Driving

Omg! Read What Happened to Man Who Was Having S*x With Girlfriend While Driving

The scene of the crash

A man who could not ignore the urge for s*x even while he was driving, engaged in the act right there behind the wheels but what happened after is fatal.

An Indian man died in a car crash after losing control of the wheel while having s*x with his girlfriend in the moving vehicle.

The 31-year-old man had picked up his girlfriend in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, and was driving her back to his hometown in nearby Puranpur when the temptation became too strong.

The young couple are believed to have engaged in a sexual relations while the car was driving down the Pilibhit-Puranpur highway, after which they crashed head-on into a truck.

The man died at the scene, while his 24-year-old female companion suffered injuries to her head and a broken leg.

Local police said it appears as if the couple's car seemed to have lost control and was unable to swerve past the oncoming mini-truck.

According to Times of India, Gajroula police officer, Rajesh Yadav, said: 'Probably the couple was having sex in the moving car and either didn't see the truck coming from the other side or couldn't drive past it. The driver lost his life immediately after the accident due to grave injuries.'

Police officers who arrived at the scene said emergency services found the couple naked from the waist down. They said attempts were made to save the man's life, but he is believed to have died immediately.

The 24-year-old woman was taken to a nearby hospital and is believed to be recovering.

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