Friday, February 26

Dubai Court Sentences Two Nigerian Prostitutes to Jail

Dubai Court Sentences Two Nigerian Prostitutes to Jail

A six-year jail term has been handed to two Nigerian women in the United Arab Emirates.

Two Nigerian prostitutes have bagged a lengthy jail term after being caught by the long arm of the law in the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai criminal court of first instance sentenced the ladies for prostitution, possessing indecent media materials and forging official documents. The court ordered the ladies (names withheld) to be deported after serving their jail terms.

One of the duo was referred to the Misdemeanor Court for overstaying. According to Emirates-247, the Nigerian Consulate informed Dubai police about one of the ladies who lures women from her home country to work in prostitution in the UAE.

Dubai police learnt from the lady’s employer that a shipping company had offered her a clerk’s job but she did not show up at work for the past six months. Police also found out that the lady stays in the Gardens.

On Monday, August 31, 2015 the police raided the flat and arrested the woman along with another woman who was on a visit visa but overstayed.

“The room used by the ringleader had one bed, while the other room had five beds. Asking her about the beds, she said that she leases beds to compatriot women one of whom was the second Nigerian caught with her,” Second Lieutenant Saeed Taleb told prosecutors.

The two women admitted to working as prostitutes. The leader admitted to bringing women from Nigeria and taking their naked and indecent videos to threaten them of posting the videos and pictures on the internet if they failed to pay her back the costs of bringing them into the country.

Police confiscated some s*x related tools and an account book used by the leader of the s*x-workers in which where she registered payment made to her by other women.

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