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APC Slams Ekweremadu: Boko Haram Is Getting Desperate And Weaker

APC Slams Ekweremadu: Boko Haram Is Getting Desperate And Weaker

The APC has replied deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu after he was reported as saying Boko Haram has gotten stronger since they assumed power. In a statement issued by the National publicity secretary of the party, Lai Mohammed, while lambasting the senator for not making proper findings, said Boko Haram's latest antiques are the desperate pangs of a dying monster, trying to wreck havoc before their end.

He also said contrary to Ekweremadu's claims,the terrorists have been weakened by this administration's more purposeful and coordinated approach to the menace.
What the Deputy Senate President interpreted as the worsening cases of Boko Haram attacks under the current administration are actually the desperate pangs of a dying monster," If Ekweremadu had "leveraged his high office to get the necessary information from those involved in the Boko Haram fight, especially the Nigerian military, he would not have made the kind of partisan and incautious comments attributed to him - and which he has not denied."
Lone wolf suicide bombings and the choice of soft targets by retreating gunmen are now the order of the day, as against the terrorists' previous coordinated actions of seizing and holding territories,"Now, due to the government's broad consultations, vital international input and support have become more real and are adding value to the counter-terrorism campaign. With the Nigeria-led Multi-National Joint Task Force due to be deployed by month's end, it is a matter of time for Boko Haram to be defeated. This monster cannot and will not survive.

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