Tuesday, June 9

Woman Dumps Husband, Announces Plans To Wed Husband's Father

A 36-year-old wife who walked out on her husband after just eight months is now marrying his 74-year-old father.

Liza Goddard, of Grimsby, divorced Jason Harwood, 35, in 2003, after a short-lived marriage which broke down in less than one year. But she is now set to become her ex-husband's stepmother after becoming engaged to Jason's father John, who is nearly 40 years her senior.

Jason had become suspicious of his father and his wife after the trio lived together in the pensioner's bedsit in Slough, Berkshire.

But Jason only found out about the secret affair after he visited his father to congratulate him on the news of his engagement. His father then revealed that his fiancée was his son's ex-wife.

Unemployed Jason told how, ten minutes later, Ms Goddard waltzed into his father's home in Grimbsy and said: 'You'd better get used to the idea of me being your step mum.'

He told The Sun: 'She is going from my ex-wife to my step mum. What they are doing is wrong.' 

Jason had married Ms Goddard in 2000, after the pair met at a youth club.

But, straight away, the couple moved into Jason's father's bedsit in an attempt to save money. They even spent their wedding night with John in a sleeping bag next to their bed.

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