Thursday, April 2

'Your Words Left Me In Tears' Read Prince Eke's Touching Tribute To President Jonathan

Nollywood's actor Prince Eke's touching message to president Jonathan.

"New Beginning! I was left in tears when I read Presidents Goodluck's congratulatory message to Gen. Buhari I was not crying because I felt like crying. I was not crying cause I supported him and he lost, but I cried cause his words arrested my emotions. He wished his opponent a good administration ahead, he congratulated him and accepted defeat. 
I could remember by this time in 2011, Buhari never accepted that he lost, he promised Jonathan that he'll make his administration ungovernable for him and he later fulfilled his promise. His supporters took to the streets and slaughtered innocent Nigerians but he never stopped the killings. But today, he has won that same man that defeated him in 2011 but got a congratulatory message instead of threats.
He has wished him success and not promising him an ungovernable tenure. Few weeks to the election, the people we call our leaders were busy sending threats to themselves and leaving the poor masses gripped with fear. Some people left the country with fear of the aftermath of the election. But today you've restored peace by accepting defeat peacefully. 
Oh! Jonathan, you've shown us that you're a good man. You've shown African leaders the true definition of democracy. You wished not to influence the elections with your powers, you wished not to cancel the election when you can do it and nothing will happen. Posterity will never forget you where ever you go. 
I am still your fan for life. You're a good and gentleman but surrounded by ingrates and fools that care for their pockets alone. Oh Jona! You lost the election but won my heart".

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