Monday, March 30

Ronke Oshodi Shares Her Experiences In Difficulties In Getting A Fitting Bra

Busty Nollywood actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke has revealed that she finds it difficult getting her Bra size. According to her,

    "Getting my bra size can be very difficult. It makes it more expensive. I always want to 'pack' myself. I wouldn't want to appear in a movie where I would need to run or walk fast and my boobs would be bouncing. I don't like it. When you 'pack' yourself very well, when anything happens, you are ready. I have to go the extra mile to look for good bras.

    "I spend at least N10, 000 on a bra. At times, I get my perfect size when I travel abroad especially in the US. If anybody is going to the US, the only favour that person can do for me is to buy bra for me. It is the only gift that I can appreciate from anybody and it would make me happy," she lamented.

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