Tuesday, February 3

Women Who Use Sex Toys Are More Decent Than Prostitutes Says Bisi Ibidapo-Obe

Why is there even a comparison? Actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe says women who use sex toys are more decent than prostitutes who give their bodies to different men and in the end come down with all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. Bisi, who sells sex toys in her lingerie shop in Lagos, says there is no big deal in using sex toys
"It's not a big deal. It is only our mentality here in Nigeria that is somehow. In the western world, they don't see it as anything big. Left to me, anybody using sex toys is even decent compared to a prostitute. If you are using sex toy, you are better than a woman jumping from one bed to the other. Before such a person realizes, she has contracted sexually transmitted diseases. She can even be infected with HIV/AIDS. But with the use of sex toys, nothing like that can happen to you. "She told encomium mag..

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