Thursday, February 5

Maheeda Forgives Her Father For Abandoning Her For 32 Years

We all know Maheeda for her raunchy photos. However, once in a while, she airs her mind on serious issues. This morning, she preached about forgiveness..
 I forgive my father for leaving me and not coming back for 32 years now... I still love him... It's ok, we all make selfish choices...."
Forgiveness is one of the best things Life tot me, I first learnt to forgive me, now it's going to others .... Have you forgiven yourself?"
Thank God I was an orphan , with no one to stop me from living my life and making my own mistakes and learning from experience" 
I forgive everyday... Why everyday? Because I receive hateful comments almost everyday.... And people are not perfect!"

I regret nothing in my past!

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