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Selling tickets to your event on is easy and completely stress free. We have a responsive site that allows you to create a 100% mobile-friendly event page and start your tickets in minutes upon approval. As always, our platform is free for free events!
Eventbriz fuels your event to success, but we will not touch your budget. In fact, it’s absolutely free for organizers to use as long as you’re not charging attendants for tickets.
If you are selling tickets, we will only charge you when you make a sale, as per ticket sale. Our fees are as low as 10% for regular ticket and 15% for higher ticket class. This charge covers processing fee and ensure
security, no extra hidden charges.
It is important to note that fees only come in when you intend to sell tickets and you are only billed when you make a sale. We serve the right to make changes in future only if it is extremely necessary. We are committed to see events have a huge fulfilling success not only for your audience who mean a lot to us but for organizers too to record positive result at minimal cost.

Our online payment processors are safe and convenient; you don’t have to worry about your money. Cash-outs are made after the event. If you need to cash-out mid-way, you can send us early notification and we will have you request addressed.
Join our community today, because your success is our goal. Visit our website

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