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Seven Clear Signs Your Marriage Is About To Crash

In the society nowadays, there is this sudden surge in the level of marriage breakups. It looks like everybody just wants to propose, take pre-wedding pictures, have a lavish weddin ceremony, go for honeymoon and then break it all up right after maybe, one or two years of marriage. A breakup doesn't just happen in a marriage though, there are always signs to look out for, symptoms of a breakup.
Below are seven big warning signs that your marriage is about to end;

1. Halting Intimacy:- When you stop initiating intimacy with your partner, when you'd rather do house chores or any other stuff than get cuddling, touching and all that with your partner, this is a
likely sign that your marriage might be about to crash. In any marriage, there should always be this
feeling of want, and maybe, lust between couples. Intimacy helps keep a relationship alive because there's always this bond attached when couples get intimate.

2. Getting Secretive :- Doing things behind your partner's back, deliberately keeping secrets from your partner is another sign your marriage might be about to end. In any relationship/marriage, there should be a level of individual space that is needed for growth but once you start hiding things from your partner, sending secret text messages or maybe starting to use a password on your mobile are all signs that you want to hide something from your partner and it makes trust waver

3. Repeating Arguments :-Fighting and quarrelling with your spouse over the same thing every now and then is another sign. When you both get into fights constantly without trying to make amends or put an end to the cause of the argument, it makes arguments go on and on and probably stretch deep into other things. You should always endeavour to kill any argument immediately and avoid getting physical.

4. Not Caring About Your Appearance :- In a marriage,when you stop caring about what your partner thinks on your appearance, when you neither give a crawling fuçk nor a flying one about your partner's opinion on how you look, It is another warning sign that your marriage has issues. Not making your hair, not trying to look nice for your partner,acting lazy and sloppy, maybe even going to bed in clothes you use for house chores and not caring what your partner might think are all signs of a marriage that is about to crash.

5. Getting Abusive and Offensive :- Your wife does something to annoy you, you send her home on an insult errand to her great grandfathers. Your husband does something to piss you off, you start to call names and insult his mother and all of his ancestors. You both bring up past issues to berate each other whenever an argument surfaces. One simple complaint and you are both flaring up, ready to tear each other up. These are all signs that a marriage has problems and it is likely to crash. No matter the argument,never get verbally or physically abusive in your marriage.

6. Refusing To Tackle Issues Head-on:- Apparently, you don't like your new job, it sucks, but you'd rather be at it than go home to your wife because you are trying to avoid her. You don't have much interest in alcohol and clubbing so you try to avoid your friend's company but lately, you'd rather be with your friends drinking and clubbing than go home to your wife. Your boring job is suddenly not so boring anymore and your friends have suddenly become more important to you than your spouse. These are all signs that you are refusing to tackle and resolve whatever problem you have in your marriage. You are trying to bail out the easy way and this doesn't bode well for your marriage.

7. Infidelity:- No doubt, infidelity is considered to be the chief destroyer of marriages nowadays. It has the ability to destroy marriages because it dissolves the one important foundation of any marriage, which is trust. Infidelity doesn't necessarily have to be physical, it could be emotional. When you start imagining and fantasizing about that hot colleague at work or maybe an Ex you met back recently, it is also a form of cheating. When you derive more satisfaction from immersing yourself in fantasyland with that colleague at work or that ex you just met back than spending quality time with your spouse, it's a sign that something deep is wrong with your marriage. Not all spouses forgive infidelity though so avoid going physical with cheating. Maybe it could be worked out but most times, trust is never regained.
These are all clear signs that your marriage is having issues that will likely lead to a breakup. You should see a marriage counsellor and work on whatever issues you might be having with your spouse.
Wish you all the best in your marriages!

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