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Thursday, May 4

Lesbian alert? We Never Cease To Amaze Ourselves In Nigeria! (PHOTO)

Can we stop? Can we just stop? Like right now? Come on...So this Nigerian lady shared a photo of herself and mom on online, and people have been typing Lesbian Alert, with some even condemning the photo.

No disrespect, take a very good look at that photo, it says a thousand things. Can you see the huge difference between them? Her mom was probably not educated by her own parents, but she fought hard to educate her daughter (hence, she is on social media today, she can read and write). No one
knows the battles she fought, the rivers she had to cross to educate her child and her other children, and all people can say is Lesbian Alert. Not even seeing the positive side- LOVE.

She didn't even ask her mom to kiss her tongue, but mama did. Still portrays love. This photo speaks nothing but LOVE. Irreplaceable LOVE. JOY (Seeing how her hard work has turned out to be). God bless mom and daughter.

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