Wednesday, March 29

If you fall into any of this top 10 cnditions, don't get married - Sri George

An instagram user, Sri George, posted this moments ago, please tell us if you agree!

1, Don't Marry For Sex,
2, Don't Marry Because You Are Of Age.
3, Don't Marry Because You Are Getting Old,
4, Don't Marry Because You Are Lonely,
5, Don't Marry Because You Need Someone To Support You Financially,
6, Don't Marry Because You Mistakenly Got Pregnant,
7, Don't Marry Because You Don't Want To
Lose The Person,
8, Don't Marry Because Of Family Pressures,
9, Don't Marry Because You Like The Idea Of Marriage And Admire Every Wedding Gown And Celebrations You See.
10, Don't Marry Because All Your Friends Are Getting Married.
But Only Get Married Because You Are In Love With A Person Who Is In Love With God. Marry Because He Or She Is Your Best Friend, And Is Spiritually, Mentally And Emotionally Matured. So When Tomorrow Comes And Love Is Tested By Time , He Or She Can Still Be With You And Make You Smile.

Do you agree?

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