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Dogara sealed off my office to destroy evidence, says Jibrin

Dogara sealed off my office to destroy evidence, says Jibrin

Abdulmumin Jibrin, former chairman house of representatives committee on appropriations, says Yakubu Dogara, the speaker, sealed up his office to destroy evidence on the budget padding allegations he levelled against him and four other principal officers.

In a statement on Friday, Jibrin said he was not allowed to take away his personal belongings before his office was sealed on Thursday.

“You may all be aware, the sergeant-at-arms of the national assembly stormed and sealed my office on the instruction of speaker Dogara yesterday. The office was purportedly sealed as a consequence of my illegal suspension but the truth was to enable the speaker lay hands and destroy evidence,” he said.

“The media witnessed the volumes of 2016 budget documents and 53 files that were carted away from my office and handed to Speaker Dogara.

“I have exercise extreme caution and refused to touch any document in my office since the crisis started. I have raised the alarm that Dogara wants to destroy evidence but the good news is that we have more than enough already in case of prosecution.

“The whole country watched for 2 months as Speaker Dogara was accorded all the time he needed to lobby around, clear his desk and now destroy evidence. Nigerians must all rise up and demand that Speaker Yakubu Dogara produce all the 2016 budget documents and 53 files carted away from my office.

“I was not even allowed to take away my personal belongings. Hon Jibrin must be dealt with and disgraced by all means. Speaker Dogara is playing God. I have become vulnerable in the face of frequent threats to my life and some of the security personnel attached to me were suddenly withdrawn.

“Here we are talking about the fight against corruption. Today, I am being humiliated and my crime is simply exposing corruption in high places. Who will want to take such risk in future? I have said repeatedly that this episode is a defining moment for the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

“I wish to plead to the general public that we should concentrate on the grievous allegations I have raised rather than unfairly attacking me the messenger. The fact that I am raising corruption allegations does not confer on me any immunity from being investigated if allegations are raised against me.

“I have not stopped any of the 359 members of the house from signing corruption petition against me but none has done so because there is nothing! Only faceless and discredited individuals and groups are used to divert attention by spreading allegations that all turned out false.”

Jibrin was suspended on Wednesday after the house approved recommendations of the ethics committee after probing his alleged breach of lawmakers’ privileges arising from the budget padding allegations he levelled against Dogara and four other principal officers.

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