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Inside Patience Jonathan’s N10 Billion Aridolf Resort Wellness & Spa

Inside Patience Jonathan’s N10 Billion Aridolf Resort Wellness & Spa

The investigation into the $20m found in the five accounts traced to Dame Patience Jonathan is heading into top gear. The anti-graft agency is considering seizing the N10bn Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, Yenagoa allegedly belonging to Mrs. Jonathan.

An anonymous source at the agency said:

“This is one of the questions she may have to answer as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission continues investigation into the $20m found in five accounts she has laid claim to.”

Inside Patience Jonathan’s N10 Billion Aridolf Resort Wellness & Spa

Interior View of The Aridolf

According the UK’s Financial Times:

“The Aridolf Hotel in Yenagoa is an unlikely monument to kitsch on a reclaimed swamp in Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta. In the lobby, Louis XIV furniture is accompanied by bowls of plastic fruit, faux Dutch landscapes and a grotesquely gaudy chandelier. The hotel is redolent of the riches on display in a region that for half a century has generated the bulk of Nigeria’s wealth.”

“The Aridolf, which is owned by Patience Jonathan, wife of the former President, is symptomatic of how superficial progress has been in addressing the festering sense of marginalisation in the region, which remains desperately impoverished despite benefiting from a tide of petrodollars in recent years.”

Inside Patience Jonathan’s N10 Billion Aridolf Resort Wellness & Spa

The Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay speaking on the investigation said:

 “The EFCC and ICPC Acts have provisions under which they can ask the court to freeze the account of a person if a person’s capacity to earn is below the amount of money that the person appears to have.”

“If you are living a lavish lifestyle and it appears you don’t have the means to have acquired the property and the wealth you have, the EFCC is free to probe you.”
Mrs. Jonathan recently sued Skye Bank and the EFCC for freezing four company accounts which have a balance of $15m.

The former first lady also has another account with the title, ‘Patience Ibifaka Jonathan’ which has a balance of $5m. The account is, however, still active.

The EFCC froze the accounts of the four companies which were initially believed to be owned by Dudafa until Patience stated last week that the four accounts belonged to her.

The EFCC is set to arraign Dudafa and some bank officials for alleged fraud.

Mr. Joseph Okobieme, lawyer to Demola Bolodeoku, one of the bank officials, said his client did not take part in forging the signatures of the domestic servants/directors.

He said:

 “I don’t know why he was included in the charge. He has no business in this transaction. He was merely doing his job as a banker. The allegation they levelled against him was not that he benefitted from the proceeds of the alleged transaction.”

“There is a mere allegation of forgery of certain documents which are not within his power to have forged because he is not a director of the company.”

“These four companies were duly registered by the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) with the names and the directors on record. So, if they say the names of these directors were forged, it is not possible for my client to have forged them. Clearly, he was not the author of the documents.”

He believed that the four domestic servants should be charged by the EFCC as well.

The  Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, Yenagoa, was inaugurated in April 2015,  a month before the end of former President Jonathan’s tenure.

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