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Saturday, July 9

AMAZING!!! Identical twins give birth on the same day

Identical twins give birth on the same day

Identical twin sisters: Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers, gave birth on the same day, same time of the different zones.

The sisters, who are 35 years old, who were born 11 minutes apart, realized they were pregnant around the same time with four day difference in their due dates. They delivered their babies at 1:18 am June 30 in different time zones.

Leah, who is older, was also married first and has been for the last nine years. Her sister, Sarah tied the knot four years ago. As fate would have it, their first born will also share the same birthday.
Leah was also supposed to deliver her baby four days before Sarah. A report in Today said Sarah and Leah delivered their first born babies at 1:18 am, June 30 in Denver and Califf respectively. Sarah gave birth to a boy while Leah’s baby girl came later in respect to the different time zones.

Identical twin sisters who gave birth on the same day at the same time. The 35-year-old sisters realized they were pregnant with only four day difference in their due dates. Twins are known to have a magical connection, share everything and have an unbreakable strong bond.

In China Identical twin sisters who married identical twin husbands underwent plastic surgery because they could not tell each other’s husbands apart.

In another extreme case in the United States, separated twin brothers reunited after 39 years only to realise they were both named James, they each owned a dog called Toy, they both had married twice to women named Linda and Betty. To top it all they both drove same type of cars, enjoyed same brand of drinks and smoked same brand of cigarettes.

In a related development, a set of 26-year-old identical twin sisters in Kenya grew up doing everything and ended up marrying twin brothers.
In Western Kenya, a woman was blessed with six set of twins, though she says she struggles raising them after her husband left fearing she had been cursed.

Traditional practice in Kenya saw the elimination of twins or one of the twins, it was considered a bad omen or a curse to give birth to twins especially as first born.

Some rural areas practiced this until it was eventually abolished.

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