Thursday, April 30

Indonesia Executions, A Lesson To Nigerian Drug Peddlers

The world has been affected this past few days or weeks with the death sentence of the 8 people found guilty of drug trafficking, Nigerians in particular are more affected by 4 Nigerians that was convicted, mothers have wailed and our hearts still bleeds up till this moment. Before their executions we were told that some countries made an appeal to stop the sentence but all proved abortive. Every country has laws and code of conduct that every citizen should abide and observe, The law is supreme no matter the situation but at the same time people think some laws are extreme because before the law of the land there exist the law of nature that gives us the right to live.
Now taking off the cloak of sentiments clouding our minds and preventing us from facing realities and using Nigeria as a case study, we have made a bad name in relation to drug trafficking in my opinion even at this moment "somewhere in Nigeria Chukwudi is planning to travel to go and make it". How is that you know the law of the country yet you take the risk and proceed to go against it? The law of the land is placed to guide us and also protect us. My opinion is that we all should try and do the right thing.
 Our people should learn to invest in themselves, wash their hands off illegal activities and business so we won't fall prey to the other side of the rule of law and the government should make our environment a conducive atmosphere for business and realization of dreams so we won't have to engage ourselves in mundane activities. I pray for the souls of the departed.. may God accept their souls and give them rest.. we are hoping that they are in a better place...and he should grant their families the heart to bear the loss. Amen.
Written by Vivienne Ada

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