Thursday, September 3

LASTMA set to arrest traffic offenders at home

Officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority have been directed to adopt the system of booking traffic offenders rather than impounding their vehicles.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Oluseyi Whenu, handed down this order to the officials while briefing top echelon of LASTMA on government’s new policy thrust in the transportation sector.

Specifically, the permanent secretary hinted that plans were being concluded to arrest traffic offenders, who flouted the fines imposed on them, at home.

Whenu assured Lagos residents that a more effective traffic management and documentation procedure was being put in place, where traffic offenders were booked and given a grace period for payment and defaulters apprehended at home through the information on the motor vehicle database.

He said while government appreciated the invaluable contribution of the traffic managers to the current traffic situation in the state, more emphasis should be placed on flawless flow of traffic.

“That is the minimum we owe the people of the state,”he said.

Whenu added that LASTMA should synergise with other security agencies to ensure that the Lagos Road Traffic Law 2012 was enforced.

In a statement by the Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Sina Thorpe, the PS directed the officials to consider alternatives traffic management methods rather than physical apprehension and arrest.

“Since LASTMA officials are a reflection of the state government, they should ensure that their activities add value to the government’s covenant with Lagos residents to make life easier for them,” he said.

He however implored Lagos residents to reciprocate the government’s humanness by obeying all traffic laws and regulations.

Whenu also called on all motorists, whose vehicles had been impounded by LASTMA in the past, to visit the appropriate LASTMA depot for claim of their vehicles after proper documentation, assuring them of a more flexible process for prompt service delivery.

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