Thursday, August 13

'We’re not ritual killers' - Association of African Traditional Religion

The Association of African Traditional Religion, Nigeria and Overseas, on Thursday said that contrary to public perceptions, its members don’t indulge in ritual killings.

Mr Ifasegun Elegushi, the President of the association, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that the public should, therefore, not always attribute ritual killings to his members.

“We are not responsible for ritual killings, we are traditionalists,” he said.

Elegushi said those who indulged in ritual killings were ungodly people but traditionalists were people who believed in propagating the African Traditional Religion.

Also, Mr Lekan Ajirotutu, the Public Relations Officer of AATREN, condemned the assertion that its members engage in ritual killings.

“Herbalists could be anybody, irrespective of religious belief,” he said

Ajirotutu said the Nigerian Constitution allows every Nigerian to hold different religious beliefs and practices same.

According to him, the Nigerian Constitution recognises Islam, Christianity and the ATR.

“The ATR is the way of life of our predecessors, before the advent of the two other religions.

“Therefore, no religion should be condemned at the expense of the other. Everybody should be allowed to practise his or her own religious beliefs in a free atmosphere,” Ajirotutu said.

Similarly, Mrs Folusho Adeogun-Oga, the Vice-President of the Association urged believers of the three religions to continue practising their faiths for the development of all, instead of condemning one another.


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