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I Have Gotten A Lot Of My Confidence From Kanye Say Kim Kardashian

I Have Gotten A Lot Of My Confidence From Kanye Say Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian  was at the prestigious San Francisco Commonwealth Club to talk about her famous family, her new book Selfie and the objectification of women in media.

Kim talked about Kanye and how most of her recent ventures which rake in big bucks were created by him.

On Kanye, she said:
"I love the way he creates, thinks, stands up for what he believes in whole-heartedly. He is such a good person. "I have gotten a lot of my confidence from him, I used to care so much about what people thought of me. He has taught me to not care, he is such an honest person."
On her book Selfish Just like her groundbreaking game app, Kim admits her book, Selfish was hubby Kanye's idea.
 He even came up with the title, I took his advice," 
On Being Private
 "I used to film everything but now I've stopped doing that. I don't always share birthdays and I have time with my daughter when she has her breakfast. I'm a workaholic but I make time for my daughter."
Asked if she would do her Paper magazine shoot over again, she said;
 Absolutely! "I always learn from my mistakes but something like a photo shoot, I never regret. I would so do them over. "Something like the Paper magazine, I loved that shoot. It was so empowering to me, I was trying to get pregnant, I had put on so much weight but it was my, 'I'm confident again.'"
On Caitlyn
 "We go to group therapy together. Caitlyn has taught me to be less judgmental. I'm just so happy that people have been so open to this change."
On her insecurities
 I remember my sister Kourtney wasn't developing and I was. I used to sit in the bath tub and pray I wouldn't develop anymore. "She would snap my bra strap and I was insecure in developing and then when I was leaving 8th grade my dad wrote me a letter and told me that I had been blessed with a certain body type but some men might take advantage of that but he wanted me to love my body."

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