Sunday, June 28

Boko Haram Are Using 'Kidnap' Victims As Suicide Bombers

Boko Haram Are Using 'Kidnap' Victims As Suicide Bombers

A teenage girl strapped with explosives ran away from a crowded mosque this week, killing only herself and cementing suspicions that Boko Haram is using unwilling captives in its terror campaign in northeast Nigeria.

The girl took off after her companion blew up in an explosion that killed 30 people on Monday in Maiduguri. In the confusion of the blast, the other girl just ran away and only exploded when she was far from the crowd.

It was unclear if the teenager fled in fright, fear or on purpose, but this and other bungled bombings have many believing that Boko Haram Islamic extremist group is using some of its thousands of kidnap victims as unwilling weapons.

A military bomb disposal expert has told The Associated Press that most bombs carried by girls and women have remote detonation devices, meaning the carrier cannot control the explosion.

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