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Transgender Beauty Queen Set To Marry Multi-millionaire Arab Boyfriend

Transgender Beauty Queen Set To Marry Multi-millionaire Arab Boyfriend

A transgender beauty queen is set to marry her wealthy Arab property developer boyfriend who is splashing out £50,000 on her sex-change surgery.
Tiffany-Rose Davies, 23, was born a male called Niall, and considers herself female although she is yet to undergo gender reassignment surgery.
Her partner, who she only calls Yaser, wants to pa for her to have the surgery so he can marry her as a female.

They plan to tie the knot next year and set up a home together in Dubai after the surgery.

The businessman has been in a relationship with Miss Davies for two years after the pair met when he messaged her on Facebook.
He has spent £20,000 in that time on Miss Davies, showering her with lavish nights in hotels, champagne and clothes.

When Tiffany was still a boy

Davies says that she has found true love with her fiancée. She said:

'He's my ideal man - tall, dark, handsome and extremely charming.
'He has been over to see me eight times over the last two years. He has spent thousands of pounds on me and wants to marry me next year.
'It's a huge decision to marry him and go over there to live but I will do it.
'I haven't given him a definite answer yet but in my heart I know he is the one for me.'
She said:
'I want cosmetic surgery including a boob job and work on my lips and nose.
'I am on the waiting list for a full sex change operation on the NHS but he wants me to go private and is offering to pay the cost of the operation.
'I didn't ask him to pay. He offered because he sees me as a woman. I don't think two years is too short. I think it is the norm these days actually.
'It is fine. People get pregnant after one-night stands these days so I like to think what I am doing is old-fashioned.
'I want to be old-fashioned. I am in love with him and see a good future with him.
'He is doing it because he loves me and wants to do it.'

And now the pair are planning a future together and thinking about having a family.
Miss Davies explained:
'I am smart. I am not a stupid little girl, I have thought about this a lot.
'But he says he loves me and doesn't want to lose me. I thought he might be a conman at first but it is the real thing, I'm sure of it.
'We've never had sex - I am making him wait to prove he loves me. I want out first night together to be very special.
'We have even been talking about having a family together in the future and adopting children.
'He loves me for who I am but he has been funding my cosmetic treatment.
'He has a lot of property and money from inheritance and told me he is worth £40million.'
Miss Davies, who has also worked as a model, says she was 13 when she first realised she wanted to become a girl after being bullied for having big ears.
She began experimenting with make-up and, at 16, enrolled at a college to study hairdressing. When she was 17, she started calling herself Tiffany-Rose and has since had hormone treatment. She added: 'I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I would be called a "freak" and "ugly" and names like "dumbo". It was really upsetting. I didn't have many friends and felt isolated.

'I remember I chose the name Tiffany-Rose because, when I was I think 10-11, I had a doll with black hair I loved. 'I said "I want to look like this when I am older". Now I look just like her. It was a childish thing. 'But then, when I hit puberty, I knew something was not right. I wanted to be a girl. I have known for all my life.


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