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My Lesbian Ordeal By Nollywood Actress Sochima Ezeoke

My Lesbian Ordeal By Nollywood Actress Sochima Ezeoke

Dazzling Imo State-born actress, Sochima Ezeoke has narrated her ordeal in the hands of lesbians who allegedly tormented her life for refusing to succumb to their romantic advances. In a new interview with the Sun, Sochima said it got to a point that her life was in danger, as the unrepentant lesbians vowed to kill her before her last birthday last year. Excerpts:
  • Okay, what was the biggest price you have paid in Nollywood as an actress?
I would just say that it has not been easy coping with the demands.
  • Do you mean professional demands or demands from the opposite sex?
I believe that nothing good in life comes easy. But I am grateful to God that I returned to the industry after taking some time off and I was embraced immediately as if I never took a break.
  • I hear that lesbians hardly take their eyes off pretty girls like you. Have they ever 'toasted' you in the industry?
I have experienced it severally both in and outside the industry. It got to a point that they threatened to blackmail me or kill me if I refuse to yield. They would call me and say that if I refuse to succumb to their advances, they would sponsor damaging publications against me. I took it as empty threats until they started sponsoring unspeakable publications against me on social media. They even turned it to be that I was the one wooing girls to be my lovers.
  • Why did they go to the extent of threats and blackmails?
I think it was as a result of an interview that I granted a certain Kenyan journalist in Kenya. After the interview was published, a lot of people who saw it were calling to commend me. But these people were pissed off. They were like, 'Okay, you think you are the only good girl in Nollywood? There is nothing like good girl in Nollywood. If you don't join us, we will deal with you'.

They were calling me and sending text messages, sometimes anonymous, and my brother kept replying them. In fact, they even threatened to kill me before I celebrated my last birthday in October 2014. And at a time, I had to even dump Facebook. But seeing that all their evil plots failed, they recently started apologising through calls and text messages secretly.
  • Why didn't you give in to save your life?
Sochima can't! I will never do that in my life. I grew up in a Catholic family where we were taught to stay off sin that would prevent us from receiving the Holy Communion every Sunday. I grew up with that consciousness – always working on it and looking forward to receive the Holy Communion on Sunday. Even at the university, I kept on pushing for that. But as a beautiful girl, like you earlier described me, it was not easy. But I kept pushing on.
  • What was the cause of your rift with Duncan Mighty?
I don't understand.
  • There was a rumour that both of you dated and he impregnated you, but he later dumped you, which led you to abort his baby. What actually happened between both of you?
Hmm… thank you for this opportunity. Naturally, I am not the type that responds to rumours just because some haters have something to beef about. The truth is that none of such rumours occurred. Being an actress does not stop you from having friends. But I never dated Duncan Mighty, let alone pregnant for him; and I was never dumped.

I am not yet married; I never had a baby and I cannot imagine myself aborting a baby under any circumstance, when several women are dying to have one. So, the evil rumour was the handiwork of jobless rumour mongers. I'm sure they are getting set to cook up more rumours to peddle against me, but I have a message for them: I am yet to unleash my innate abilities on the screen, which will make me to soar to a record height. And I will never back down just because of someone that is making money or gaining evil satisfaction from lies and cheap rumour.

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