Thursday, June 18

Doctor Dies While Trying To Save Patient From Railway Tracks

Doctor Dies While Trying To Save Patient From Railway Tracks

A Doctor in his 70's has died yesterday in London while trying to save one of his patients when he was hit by a train. The doctor, said to be in his 70's, jumped onto railway tracks to pull the woman, in her 30's, to safety after seeing her fall from a bridge.

He began pulling at her in a desperate bid to drag her off the tracks as a speeding train approached, but he could not move her in time and the train hit both of them killing him and seriously injuring the woman. Locals have now revealed the man is thought to have been the woman's doctor and he had been treating her for a number of years. However, the police are yet to confirm if the pair knew each other.

A shaken onlooker Michael Kember, 44, who gave a statement to police, said: "The lady had been on the bridge over the line and then jumped off it. She landed right between the rails where she was lying parallel between them. The man then jumped down and was trying to get her off. While he was doing that you could hear the electric rail buzzing meaning that the train was coming. You could hear the driver was sounding the horn and the brakes of the train were squealing.

The man couldn't get her off and he was then trying to get to the end of the platform but did not make it and that was when the accident happened," he said.
"The bloke was a hero. It's just so unfortunate that this happened to someone trying to rescue another person, he said.

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